[Probelma] Steam.

Numele de pe forum:Codatul.
Numele Jocului:Toate free to play / free
Versiune Joc: :up_finger:
PrintScreen (Daca aveti cum): http://imgur.com/a/fMlF5
Descriere problema: Instalez un joc free to play / free , totul bine , se instaleaza dar cand vreau sa intru in el imi da eroarea asta...acolo zicea ceva de un folder cache , sa sterg tot din el dar nu il gasesc .
Like no bitch
You ain't noticed
Missing me
With the hoe shit
Cause I heard you kissed me
At a party
After you sucked the host's dick
And that's gross bitch
Not something to laugh at
You think it was coincidence
That I wouldn't snap back
Every time you tried to hit me up
On the Snapchat
I'm pissed
Cause it's 3 years
I couldn't have back
Yo, I thought we really clicked
But the whole time
I was dealing with her shit
I gave her 3 tries
But the bitch would never quit
She would sit on a dick
Just to see if it'd fit
Sir Skitzo - Isolated.

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